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     Okay fantasy campers miss me or weren’t you awake last Saturday morning to hear my golden throated toned voice sooth you and yours to an awakened state of mind between seven and eight in the AM?

     Well at least my run on lead sentence full of useless adjectives and high brow bull will send those english majors in the audience scouring for their “Funk and Wagnalls”.

      Please feel free readers to correct my mastery of the english language if you like as my best grade in grammar school was that my penmanship needed improvement.  Any letter grade I receive from you that is one of the 26 in the alphabet has to be an improvement over my previous endeavors in the field of higher education.

     Now to this issues serious stuff, you-all know a comment or two on an item or two over the past couple of weeks.

     First off is a photo I saw on the internet of Pittsburgh Pirates fans wearing bags over their heads as their beloved Buckos approach their 18th consecutive losing season.

     Well campers, the bag thing has been done!  Why not try something new like mirrored sun glasses and a white cane.  The bags might be recyclable but the shades and cane will create employment.

     Next is why feel bad after only 18 losing baseball seasons while at the eastern end of your state in the “City of Brotherly Love” A.K.A Philadelphia  they had numerous losing baseball seasons by not one but two imitation major league teams.  Yes two at a time with the Phillies and A’s for years then if that wasn’t bad enough for a while they did it in the same ball yard, Schibe Park.

     So Bucko’s fans why not suck it up, live with it, as the Phillies’ fans were getting a double dose every year.

     Now to a Gulf Coast League game in which I will not mention the competitors.  Don’t want to mention them as the box score is embarrassment enough.

     Player number one, an outfielder and his inability to grasp the ball with his glove.

     It started with a runner on first and a line drive single which he knocked down but when he tried to pick it up with his glove and he dropped it. (I am being kind on this one.)  That runner took off for third and the hitter stopped rounding first.  Well guess what, the outfielder tried to repeat the play and did the same thing. picking up the ball with his glove and the player at first took off for second with the runner at third heading towards the plate.  With two errors already in the books why not three as the outfielder finally got a firm grip on the ball and with the runner 30-plus feet from the plate threw the ball half way up the back stop, for his third error on one play.

     Now who says as the official scorer I don’t have a heart as I couldn’t find it in myself to enter on the score sheet the third miscue.  But wait fans we aren’t done yet with this one particular game and team.

     Let us now focus our attention on the same team’s first sacker an inning or two later.

    With a runner on first and still a close game the next hitter lays a bunt down on the first base line but the second baseman is slow in getting over to cover the bag.  Well the first runner rounds second and takes off for third, the batter who laid down the bunt runs like me so there is still the chance to get him.  The first baseman then does what any other good first year pro would do throw the ball into the ground.  You see someone on his team yelled that the runner was going to third, and he couldn’t hold up on his throw to first.  Hence error one.

     By this time the batter had reached first, the first baseman has recovered the ball and immediately throws the ball into left field trying to get the original runner from first.  It allowed that runner to score and the bunter to reach second.

     Not to worry fans only two errors here, score it a sacrifice, and two throwing errors, unfortunately no RBI. 

     If you think these are weird, it’s an everyday occurrence in the GCL.  Then there are the three sacrifices in just one-half inning but we will save that one another time.

     Now to a pleasant surprise I had this past Monday viewing what the Tampa Bay Rays have done to the former Texas Rangers spring training site in Post Charlotte.  The new spring home of your new and improved Rays.

     Yours truly was down there to score a GCL Rays game against the Twins and was taken back by the improvements to the facility.  I mean fans it was a day and night difference from, if I remember correctly, eight years ago when the Rangers headed to Arizona.  It’s more than a coat of paint so it will be much to your advantage to take a trip down there for a Florida State League Stonecrabs game before their season ends in September.

     Just one of my ever popular heads up for you fans.

     Now we would like to hear from you fans for an article coming out in November about veterans still in major and minor league baseball.

     What we are looking for are those players, coaches, front office personnel, league officials, umpires, writers and broadcasters who were actually on active duty or had their reserve/national guard units called to active service.  Also that they are still in proball.

     Now unfortunately that will leave out the one present major league player Justin Speier as his USMC reserve unit wasn’t activated when he was in it.  It will include thought of Hall of Fame Padres broadcaster Jerry Coleman,  and in  the GCL the manager of the Braves Luis Oritz who spent 21 1/2 years in the army

     So get your thinking caps on so that an accurate tribute may be compiled.

     So until then….

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