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Early in camp this spring Blue jays manager John Farrell speaks to the squad. (Eddie Michels - Rocket Sports & Entertainment file photo)

Well campers another spring training has ended my 22nd to be exact and as in the past it’s no difference what is big news today is just a ho hum the next.

My assignment this year as in the past was the Toronto Blue Jays, a classy organization to a point except for a couple of self-centered egotistical individuals.  Of course they will not get the time of day from this publication as it is better they die a slow death in obscurity thus letting the lives of other bloom to their highest possible levels.

Well again for the second year the team only used the Grant Field clubhouse and bussed daily to the Englebert Complex for their workouts prior to the start of the Grapefruit League schedule.

Those workouts were short, quick and to the point but not much fun for the fans.  Their long hike in was elevated to a point of frustration at times as they could see the players up close and personal but no autographs.

Of course the average Joe is just trying to get an autograph for himself or grandkids but those autograph hounds aka the dealers drive the players away.  That leave a big disappointment for the real fan.

Now once the games start you can see the regulars for about 4-5 innings (2-3 at bats) then it’s the minor leaguers center stage.  Actually some of these players aren’t too bad as they haven’t developed attitudes yet.  And where do these attitudes come from, how about fans and the media.  The fans because they want the players spare time to spend with them one-on-one and the media for their offbeat and unresearched comments.

Then as camp moves along towards the half-way point the cuts/options/returns to minor league camp start and the regulars get more game time in preparation for the start of the regular season.

Now the speed is picking up as final cuts are made, the starting rotation is set and the veteran looking for one more summer in the sun make the squad.  Hey, we now have our National Pastime ready for you the fans to spend six-plus months kibitzing about.

Again, hey ain’t life great in the Old US of A!

So until then…

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