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     The first year of the second decade of our 21st Century is now about to close with a whatever.  I mean fans just look at this past year and what has befallen us.

     First off we did do something right, we had sympatric frost on the ground for the poor folks up north who had snow storms. 

     Yea right, as where I was from in the “Snow Belt Region” in Northern New York it would have just been a dusting.  Two snowflakes have the airlines stranding people in Florida for a few extra days so what is wrong with that. 

     The NFL had to move a game to a Tuesday, A.K.A. CFL.  Gee must be a solid contract for the Monday night game but I understand the NFL did last have a Tuesday game.

     Speaking of the NFL and a season of “Blacked Out” Buc’s games what would we have missed if the home faithful had turned out and Fox 13 here in the Bay Area had broadcast them.

     Two weeks ago the Giants/Eagles game ran to approximately 4:20 PM with the final play being the game winner on a punt return for the Eagles.  In fact the final exciting 7 1/2 to eight minutes for Eagles fans were played after 4 PM.  If the Buc’s game had been aired on Fox 13 it all would have been cut.

     When the Buc’s have had the 4:15 PM kickoff there has been at least two times that I remember them cutting the 1 PM games exciting finish cut.

     One was a Bill’s game going into OT while the other was a Packers game with 53-seconds to go in the fourth quarter.

     The Bills lost their game while the Packers got the game winner in the closing seconds while we were forced to watch four-five guys talk with their feet stuck in their collective mouths.  Really entertaining!

     Now this past year we lost a couple of sports personalities in the personage of George Steinbrenner and George Blanda.

     Mr. Steinbrenner was a man of two different identities.  The first as the NY Yankee owner, a fierce tough competitor and second as a man with a heart as big as all out doors.

     Not everyone knew of his second identity only his first thanks to the media but here in Florida we know better and were glad to call him a friend to all in need.

     Then to another George and his last name was Blanda.

     During replacement baseball in March of 1995 I got to meet the NFL’s old man out on the beach and ask him about playing for George Halas.  Heck of a question but I continued the question and ask him why Halas never let him kick extra points or attempt a field goal inside the 20.

     The answer might be lost to the ages but one response has stuck with me, “You know more about my career than I do.”

     Well one everlasting thing that George Blanda did leave with us is that when a man reaches his 40’s he is not done.  Just look at the awards he garnered after 40.  He wasn’t a quitter!

     In closing this years last offering I am sitting here in front of my laptop wondering how many readers I have “PO’ed”.  Ah at least I have continued to get the editors in a stage of near insanity.

     So until then…

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