The Other Side of Sports (Too) – Hole in One

By on February 1, 2021

Well this photo has a number of memories for this member of the human race as I did something on this hole that most golfers can only dream of.  Yes on February 2, 2000, Groundhogs Day, I got my first, last and only hole in one on the ninth hole at Countryside Executive Golf Course in Clearwater, Florida.  I got the tee box marker when the course shut down a few years later and along with just over a hundred bucks it now sits in my back year.  My wife Karen avoids looking at it but it’s still there.  And yes I still have the pitching wedge I used along with the ball I put in the cup so it’s complete.  As a note here a few months later my friend Paul Warth got his only hole in one on the same courses seventh hole.  It’s now his mail box holder in front of his house in Dunedin.  Enjoy fans as I still do.

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