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It has been a while since I have graced you eyes fans with my latest ramblings, something you might have enjoyed so if that’s the case open wide and don’t blink.

     A few weeks back a fan at a Rangers game fell to his death trying to catch a baseball thrown his way by Josh Hamilton.  Why?

     Over the years the fixation of the game of baseballs fan’s on the 5-5 1/4 ounce sphere boggles the imagination of most of the sane population attending a game.  That is until it comes there way then the insanity surfaces in every man, woman and child within reach of that stitched circular ball with a blue printed label on it.  They seem to do anything or everything within questionable reason to secure it in their position short of committing an unnatural act.  At times even that is a possibility.

     A number of years ago at MacArthur Stadium in Syracuse a fan sitting (Now don’t laugh it existed then) in the Peter Pan Family section tried to catch a foul ball hit his way.

     This gentleman who appeared to be a young parent went to his left two to three seats and down a row to make a quick one handed catch of an International League baseball.  This while holding his young heir in his left arm.

     Fans did start to cheer a bit after the catch till they saw the child and the silence was deafening so enough said of the parent and fans in the stands at “Big Mac.”

     Well in closing on this subject that fan in Texas shouldn’t have even tried to catch the ball as it appears now that it wasn’t his time to make the catch!

     I see that the Rays at the Trop in St. Pete still draw a lot of fans in blue with silver tags with numbers on them to their games.  What I am talking about is fans or the lack there of at the Rays home games.

     South St. Pete doesn’t have the bucks in the neighborhood to attend the 81-home games much less the playoffs.  The Trop should have stayed the Thunder Dome and a ball park built over in Tampa where the money is.  But who listens to me, I couldn’t nor would I go to a game where the prices for tickets, parking and food are way out of my price range.  I personally can’t see how much longer the Rays can afford to stay in the area except for that infusion of revenue sharing monies from Major League Baseball.  Enough said on this subject to now.

     With the hall of fame induction ceremonies coming up, there is a bit of a short story about Robbie Alomar as told to me by Dickie Thon.

     According to Dickie when Robbie first came up with the Padres in 1988 the team wanted to convert him to a shortstop.  The player that had at the position, Garry Templeton was in his 30’s and about to be traded.  Dickie advised Robbie to stay at second, that’s where he belonged.

     We all know about that trade in December 1990 that took Robbie along with Joe Carter to the Jays and the rest is now history for the new hall of fame inductee.

     Interesting EH?

     In closing this issue is a situation I saw in Lakeland at the Doyle Baseball Camp held at Tiger Town.  You gotta love this.

     Just prior to the Blue Jays/Tigers Gulf Coast League game on July 19, I was watching one of the kids games from the tower in the center of the complex prior to the GCL game.  Well the umpire appeared to have a healthy head of gray hair and a well fed midsection but after a play at the plate he needed a bit of help. 

     Instead of bending over to clean the plate with his little brush he handed the brush to the player coming to bat and had him clear the plate.

     Great job ump, maybe this guy should do a pro game or two and see what happens when he hands his little brush to the player.  Gee, if he can’t bend over to clear the plate how does he tie his shoes?

     So until then…

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