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When a man reaches the age of 45 he is looking towards retirement, his kids getting married and blessing him with grandchildren but not one particular individual.   He has for the past two plus decades made his living working day and night, now figures it might be about time to retire.

Eddie Michels photo

Omar Vizquel will turn 45 on April 24 said on Thursday February 23 that this will be his last season in the sun as a major league baseball player.

After almost three thousand baseball games in the show this middle aged youngster is hanging up the act with a bunch of numbers on the score board to be proud of.  Maybe even Hall of Fame numbers.

Just to name a few of the stats as he has the fourth highest number of hits by a switch hitter (2,841) trailing Hall of Famer Frankie Frisch by just 39.

Vizquel has 117 more hits than the number five switch hitter on the list Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar who he spoke of playing with.

“It was like playing video games,” said Vizquel of playing with Alomar, “We really didn’t need to take 20 to 30 ground balls together we worked separately most of the time.  Every once in a while we would turn some double plays but when it was game time it was like we worked out forever.  The combination was so fluid I don’t think I ever worked with another second baseman with the tools that Robbie had.”

Vizquel is in camp on a minor league contract with the Toronto Blue Jays that will see him make $750,000 is he makes the team.

In closing there are a couple of items of interest concerning Vizquel, the first is that he was the player that Jim Thome drove in more than any other in his career.  Secondly he has the highest fielding average (.985) of any shortstop who has played at least 750 games at the position.

I will be following Vizquel in camp and hoping for the best that he gets that one more season in the sun.

So until then…

BLUE JAYS NOTES: Farrell stated on Thursday that everyone will be in camp on Friday in preparation for the first full squad workout on Saturday.

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