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Hatten Memorial Stadium, New London, WI - depression era, kind of fits today. (photo by Eddie Michels)

Since we last communicated with the printed word much too long ago it’s imperative that

I again take the pen in hand for a story or two.

     That being said fans last week I was in New London, Wisconsin for a less than pleasant family duty but as always one wants to find information and maybe a bit of humor in one’s travels.

     Now as you can see by the three pictures I took that Hatten Memorial Stadium is a throwback ball yard, depression era, probably a WPA Project of the Roosevelt Administration.

     It does have a press box added down the third base line but fans just look at the seats behind home plate.  Geez they are solid concrete and after nine innings there might be a problem or two.

     Now if we move to the outfield as it’s 355 in left, 470 in center and 310 in right, definitely favors the left-handed dead pull hitter.

     But since I have made light of this landmark in New London I can say but one thing to all of you, don’t you wish you had a park like this in

Hatten Memorial Stadium (Eddie Michels Photo)

your hometown?  Enough said on this for now.

     Now getting to this location about 45-miles outside Green Bay (New London) it took me to Minneapolis-Appleton-Detroit then finally back to Tampa.

     In Minneapolis it appeared that at least the women folk had been well fed and the local papers were still hoping for better things from the Vikings.  At least the team’s merchandise was prominently displayed in the airport.

Hatten Memorial Stadium (Eddie Michels Photo)

At the Appleton airport around 9 PM nothing was open, in fact one could hear the echoes of your footsteps going to claim your baggage that cost you 25-bucks to check back in Tampa.

     But I can say about the two-plus days I spent in New London was like going home (Upstate New York) about 40 plus years ago.  Now that’s another article, so enough said for now.

      At least the Appleton paper had the first game of the World Series on page one of the sports section with the Packers but when I landed in Detroit it had moved to their page eight.

     Yes the Detroit Free Press seemed to figure that since the Lions were winning for the first time in years that the series should be a filler somewhere back in the sports pages normally used for reporting soccer games.  It’s a tough audience in “The Motor City” especially since most residents now live in the suburbs.

     So in closing fans why not take a trip even to nowhere and just look around, you might be surprised what you might just find.

     So until then…

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