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This will be a did you know article maybe the first of many as a situation has arisen because of just one individual.  The reason he took the actions he did and those actions influence on others both elected, appointed or on the side lines appear to baffle an honest one’s mind.  Therefore, just read along and remember each paragraph starts with “Did You Know,” despite the phrase not being there.

Back in January 2016 it was decided that the Dunedin Senior Little League would no longer be able to use the Englebert Complex to play its home games.  But fortunately for the kids the City of Dunedin converted a slow pitch softball field at the Fisher Complex off Michigan Ave into a baseball field so the kids could play their games.

New dugouts must be installed but the old ones must first be removed. One problem is that no construction permits were visible and the sub contractor working on the roof of the dugout doesn’t appear to have any safety restraints, an OSHA violation. Any place else in the City of Dunedin would not allow this action but remember this is city property leased by the Toronto Blue Jays.

About the same time the grounds crew at the Englebert Complex, employees of the Toronto Blue Jays Florida Operations decided to dump the extra soil from the complex’s five fields including the rehab of field one into the protected wet lands adjacent to the city’s Louis A. Vanech Complex.  I was informed about this by members of the grounds crew even though I saw it had been done in January 2016.  I e-mailed Dunedin’s Mayor Julie Ward Bujowski about it because my sources told me they were told that the Blue Jays were trying to have the city pay for part of the cleanup.  That e-mail was sent out on April 25, 2016 and on April 28, 2016 the mayor e-mailed me that the Blue Jays were going to pay for the cleanup.  That night I went to the Florida Auto Exchange Stadium to cover the game for the Toronto Sun/Rocket Sports and Entertainment and was greeted by Shelby Nelson the Blue Jays Florida Operations Director.  He told me I was banned from the stadium as a member of the media and as a fan.  The reason according to Nelson was, “You know why.”  About five months later on September 26, 2016 Dunedin Park and Recreation Director Vince Gizzi admitted to me outside the Dunedin City Hall that, “I told him,” when ask if he told Nelson about my e-mail to the mayor.

This photo taken on September 15, 2015 shows a contractor hired by the Toronto Blue Jays cutting down a healthy oak tree on the City of Dunedin owned Englebert Complex Field One. I personally would never have noticed this act except it was brought to my attention by the Toronto Blue Jays Florida Operations staff, much like the illegal dumping into the wetlands adjacent to the complex. As of this date there appears to have not been a permit issued to cut down this tree, the fine I have been told by the Blue Jays staff is $196,000.00. A tidy sun for the tax payers of Dunedin. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

If you go back to the summer of 2015 the Blue Jays redid Field One at the Englebert Complex.  It’s the field were Michael Saunders was supposed to have stepped on a sprinkler head in left field damaging his knee in 2014.  Photos are available of a live oak in left center field that was cut down without a permit.  The fine according to Blue Jays employees was $196,000.00 which has yet to be paid by the Blue Jays to the City of Dunedin.

When the Blue Jays redid field one there were no construction permits showing any where’s on the property or adjacent roadways.  The question here is were any ever issued?

The bare earth seen here is behind Field Four at the Englebert Complex on the land fill part of the Vanech Complex. The polluted soil placed here is part of that dumped into the wetlands adjacent to the Vanech Complex by the Toronto Blue Jays Florida Operations staff. This appears to have been dumped here prior to being told that the soil had to be disposed of elsewhere. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

In fact the above was reported to the EPA who referred it to the South West Florida Water Management who finally got the wetlands mess somewhat cleaned up but here is the problem.

It seems that because I am a freelance reporter I am not covered by the “Whistle Blower Act.”  Not to worry fans I am still working on it.

This fans is just the start of what appears to be some underhanded dealings in the city that are not to the tax payers benefit.  But I will say this, someone somewhere either individual(s) or corporation(s) appears to be benefiting.

It has also gotten me banned by the Blue Jays Shelby Nelson from the City of Dunedin owned Englebert Complex and Florida Auto Exchange Stadium.  This even though I have followed all his rules to the letter, even though no one else has to, a double standard.

Yes there will be more later as I am not being the individual hurt during all this, only those children in need during the holiday season form all faiths.

It appears someone dumped their junk over the fence into the wetlands between the Englebert and Vanech Complexs. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

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