The Other Side of Sports TOO-The Did You Know Part 3 of ?

By on February 13, 2018

Well fans this issue will be one that takes care of some of the little negative pieces here in the Dunedin, Clearwater area that have affected all of those who are trusting their fellow man.  And remember every graph starts with a did you know.

     Note; Please check out the photos with this article and the violations by the Jays local staff.

Well fans another pix of the Blue Jays dumping junk over the fence from the Englebert Complex into the edge of the wetlands at the Vanech Complex. Gee if I was able to cover professional baseball I wouldn’t have time to see these violations of law. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

     Some of you taxpayers have been buffaloed by your elected officials.  Just start looking at the supposed agreements between the City of Dunedin, Pinellas County and the Toronto Blue Jays.  The land involved to the city so who is going to pay for its use.  Who is going to pay the Vanech Family because the land will no longer be accessible to the general public.

      That this past week I saw at the Dunedin Stadium and Englebert Complex the Treecology Tree Service cutting/trimming the trees.  Well who is paying for this service I wonder as if the city is why aren’t they using their own employees.

     That according to one city of Dunedin employee he said that a couple of months ago the commissioners put off until June their allowing stores to sell medical marijuana in the city.  According to this individual the sales being blocked was at the request of the Toronto Blue Jays.  It seems they didn’t want their players to get any.

     That the Blue Jays grounds crew employees are paid about three dollars an hour less than the city of Dunedin employees to do the same job.  They also I understand get no benefits except overtime.  Of course, the Blue Jays have numerous years on the job while the city starting pay is for new hires.


     It appears that the Dunedin Blue Jays will occupy the Phillies former spring training home, Jack Russell Stadium in Clearwater while their stadium is being renovated.  Of course the Clearwater High School and St. Petersburg College use Jack Russell for their home game but what will happen.  I have been given a bit of an inside look and it seems that the two school teams will be pushed aside if their schedule interferes with the Dunedin’s teams.  Gee didn’t something like that happen in January 2016 when the Blue Jays booted the Dunedin Senior Little League team out of the Englebert Complex.  Not to bad but since the five fields at Englebert are only used till about 4 PM daily during spring training and extended spring training then only one or two fields during the rest of the year why are six needed.  Gee shouldn’t the kids be able to use them too.



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