The Suspense was Killing Me!

By on July 14, 2010

I just looked at the box score from the 81st Annual MLB All-Star Game.  I did not watch a pitch but I feel like I saw the whole game.  Let me ask you, did this rival a World Cup soccer game?  I mean come on, 3-1… what color was the paint?  And was it a matte or a gloss finish?  Yes a great game for our beloved Rays!  Evan Longoria scored the lone AL run and it looks like David Price shut’em down.  Carl Crawford 0-2 but who cares Carl get back with the rest of your Rays teammates when it counts,  and continue your awesome first half. But really 13 hits the whole game?   I wish I had DVR’ed this one, I could have spent a  whole five minutes watching  that NL 7th, yes a bases loaded clearing double by whom?  Brian McCann?  Brian’s paid a mere $5.7 million a year to bat 47th (.267) in the NL the first half of this season.  Well at least you’re in first place Atlanta Braves, but the Mets may not go away, you hear me Rod Barajas you make $4.2 million a year less than Brian and you’re batting only .029 behind him.  You both need to get in gear, get excited… because the Suspense was Killing Me….THE NATIONAL LEAGUE HAS HOME FIELD IN THE OCTOBER CLASSIC.  I can rest now.

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