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By on August 13, 2013


BELLAIRE BEACH, FLA.–Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard’s $23-million home on Gulf View Boulevard is progressing slowly but surely.  Shown here from the gulf side the windows appear to be all in and the roof almost on.

This house is on the south side of Howard’s mansion and recently sold for a meager $1.9 million. It’s understood that this residence is only occupied during the snowbird season. – EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO

A look at Howard’s future residence from the road shows a lot of construction on the outside. Looking at the upper right corner of the photo one can see what appears what the paint scheme will look like over the entire home when it’s done – EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO

If one wants to venture up from the water level to the construction fence you will see the concrete moat that is in and around Howard’s house. Ryan Howard is presently on the DL but will still be making his $20 million for this season – EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO

While on the DL you think Howard has plenty of time to spend with the GC to make sure things get done right – EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO


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