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CLEARWATER, Fla.—On Tuesday morning at 11 AM at the Carpenter Complex and Bright House Networks Field, spring home of the Philadelphia Phillies, it was clean up from the side effects of Tropical Storm Debby.

The slow moving storm raised most of its havoc on Sunday June 24, 2012 and tapered off on Monday with Tuesday being a day of recovery.

According to staff on scene the lower levels of the Bright House Networks Field had been swamped including the playing field, both home and visiting clubhouses along with three of the four fields at the Carpenter Complex.

The guard shack at the complex filled partially with water but areas around it saw fences swept away and in low lying areas cars being totally covered with water.

Of course the Phillies are old hat at this sort of clean up as most of the present staff was with the team when they were at old Jack Russell Stadium across town.  That park used to totally flood out on a regular basis.

Phillies 1B Ryan Howard appeared to cut his workout short Tuesday as he left the complex prior to 11 AM.  The conditions also cancelled a GCL doubleheader scheduled between the Phillies and Pirates.

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