Trout – Cotto a Saturday Night at MSG

By on December 3, 2012

Miquel Cotto (left) and Austin Trout (Photo by Tom Casino)





















New York, NY- (Damon ” Latinbox” Gonzalez / Donnell Gonzalez Ringside)

In just his 6th fight a Madison Square Garden Super Welterweight Miguel Cotto fell short of victory.  In front of a crowd of 13,096 World Champion Austin “No Doubt” Trout to came into a hostile NYC and went toe to toe fighting his heart out against Miguel Cotto.  Cotto seemed to me to be distracted in his campaign to go after Trout’s WBA title.


Round 1:  Cotto jumped in early to try to make a fight coming forward and slugging  Trout who is the taller fighter. gave a lot of straight jabs to Trout.  Trout starts off fighting tall which was smart early in the fight. Trout landed a nice left hook that backs up Cotto, but he jumped right back in the attack of Trout.


Round 2:  Trout was fighting very slick but seemly Cotto continues to be aggressive and get inside but Trout kept just fighting him off with the jab.


Round 3:  Cotto is standing in front of Trout trying to get in big shots and I liked what Cotto appeaed to be doing stepping closer pressuring Trout who was shooting the lead right to the body of Cotto.


Round 4:  Trout opens up with an attack on Cotto who continues to score combinations.  Inside both fighters trade shots in the center of the ring, but Cotto I’m was not sure if he trying to land the money punch on Trout.  Trout appeared getting a little less alert on the inside by taking shots flush.


Round 5:  Cotto gets closer to Trout who appears to be fighting now. Cotto is smothering Trout with good shots and catches him with a hard left.  Trout retaliates and hits Cotto low and takes the warning from the referee. Cotto cruises in the round.


Round 6:  Cotto came over the top with a great right hand that sends Trout back.  Trout steps into Cotto,  hits him with nice combination inside. Trout is showing his will in the round but went away from the jab that was working so effectively. Trout would come back and whack Cotto with a nice hard hook to the head,  then grab him.


Round 7: Still a very technical fight.  Trout start making things happen coming over the top on Cotto who appears to be taking more shots in this round. Trout is very effective in the round and went back to fighting tall on Cotto who is showing signs of wariness.


Round 8: Trout is landing really big shots on Cotto, Trying to make a statement in the fight getting off first.


Round 9:  Cotto starts wrestling with Trout who landed a low blow on Cotto who’s punches have slowed down a bit but he continues to come forward.  Trout is working harder landing quicker shots now.  Cotto needs to put on the pressure to win this fight.


Round 10:  Trout starts stepping on the gas and making his statement in the fight by picking his shots on the slower Cotto.  Cotto got hit with a big shot followed up with a body shot, but came back with a sense of urgency with an attack on Trout.


Round 11:  Trout is fighting a very relaxed and smart fight landing great shots on Cotto who just not doing enough to make a case, showing signs of being worn down Cotto still comes forward attacking Trout.


Round 12:  Trout is more effective from fighting at a distance.  Cotto is jumping in trying to land on Trout cutting the ring.  Cotto just trying to close out the round and it appeared that he just didn’t have enough down the stretch, Trout  needs to work on constantly dropping that right hand after he throws exchanges.  Cotto defiantly took advantage of it throughout the fight with nice hooks upstairs.  I looked for the Cotto body assault that just was not there.  The fight Referee Charlie Fitch worked like he was doing a PAL fight.  It was not at the level it should have been for this match.


Austin Trout holds on to his title and wins the unanimous decision 117-111, 117-111 & 119-109 on judges score cards.  I had it a 114-114 draw on press row.



“To beat a Champion like Cotto in Madison Square Garden I’m just humbled,” said Trout. “It’s a big,  I told you,  some kind of night,  I’m happy with this performance.”


Miguel Cotto said, “We didn’t disappointed anyone people enjoyed the fight. I accept my defeat and I continue to move forward. I’m grateful with all the support from all my fans and NYC.”


Cotto eluded to what was next, “Go home enjoy my holidays rest and think I’m not finished yet.”







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