Unsafe and Uncomfortable and You Pay to be There

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With the first spring training game at Florida Auto Exchange Stadium just about three weeks away those fans attending the Toronto Blue Jays games there might just feel a bit unsafe and uncomfortable.

You see fans just holding a hand rail entering or leaving the seating area might be just be a bit unsafe, much less unsteady and the seat you are sitting in will more than likely be very uncomfortable.

The center section of the present stadium itself is now over 25-years old and being less than a mile from the intercostal and less than two miles as the crow flies from the gulf the salt air has taken its toll.

The new railings are easy to tell from the originally ones as they are aluminum and the old ones that are rusting away are painted silver.   The railing uprights also have been welded and bolted to the concrete steps where they have rusted away. The city has been working the past couple of Saturdays, overtime I have been told, doing the painting but you can’t cover up the spaces that are now gone.

Now to the uncomfortable seats you have been sitting in for the past quarter century plus, the ones you want are down the first baseline in the last four sections, 100, 100A, 200 and 200A.





The last section got its new seats in 2013 while the next section got its in 2014 and then the improvements stopped.  These new seats have a slight tilt back to them and the bottom section lifts up so when you stand someone can pass.  Just try that with what is already there.

It seems that with the contract between the city and Blue Jays running out December 31, 2017 the city doesn’t want to spend the money on putting the better seats in in case the agreement goes south.  That is according to a couple of city employees.

Sorry, no names mentioned as I don’t want to get anyone in trouble because of the city and team’s gag order.

So you-all just take a close look the next time you visit the old ball yard.


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