Upcoming: The Other Side of Sports Too

By on January 29, 2021

Well fans it has been a while but here is a list of future articles, story ideas that just might interest your train of thought for a time or two.

First will be, can a man injure himself one way but actually do it another way and make the story sound perfect?

Second is, can one get away with a nonviolent crime and not pay the penalty in any way shape or form?

Third, could a safety infraction be committed but those who are in jeopardy not want a photo taken to prove they are not to blame?

Fourth, what happens when evidence is presented and it becomes nonfunctional including the statements provided by someone not present or those present not providing evidence to the contrary?

Fifth for now is when people listen to only one person talking about another person, when that one individual is only hurting those in need?

     So please stay tuned as we will be back after a message or two.

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