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By on July 11, 2010

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Top Shelf, the local Tampa band, was formed in late 2009 by 4 college students attending USF. Joe Sokolowski (Lead Singer) and Anthony Lombardo (Lead Guitarist) were randomly paired as roommates. From the first time they played music together in their prison cell of a dorm room, they knew they had to find more people to jam with. Across the hall was Jared Huffman (Drummer) and Greg Baker (Bassist) who both heard the noise and came to offer their musical expertise. After a myriad of complaints and University Police noise complaint visits, Top Shelf was formed.

Top Shelf (from left to right: Jared Huffman (drums), Joe Sokolowski (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Greg Baker (bass guitar), Anthony Lombardo (lead guitar)

Top Shelf brings a sound that’s refreshing but familiar. They have a unique blend of Alternative, with strong roots in the Classic Rock we all grew up with. Classics like Rush, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix. And even newer bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the up- and-coming Cage the Elephant. “Top Shelf plays their instruments with heart. Something you don’t see often these days,” says James Gaiser, a Top Shelf fan from Miami, Florida. “They don’t look like the young, hip, male archetype that stores and advertisements tell me I should look like. They look like four guys that just love playing the heck outta some music. When you go see a Top Shelf show, you feel like you’re in a garage with some guys that seem more concerned with the fact that you are there and rocking, rather than making any money that night.”
Top Shelf plays shows in the Tampa area at various venues, also going back to the place where it all began – The Pegasus Lounge, playing every Tuesday, putting on a free open mic show for their fans. If you’re in the Tampa area and love to listen to some great new music with a great show, experience Top Shelf; “Where momma keeps the hot stuff!”

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