Why? A Letter from Eddie to Eric

By on June 18, 2018

To-VFW Post 5540 Commander Eric Mills and Members

From-Eddie Michels Life Member VFW Post 5540



     I am asking you why you would vote at the May 2018 Post meeting to remove me as your announcer of this years Memorial Day Parade, why?

     Since over the past three weeks not one person has come forward with any reason at all why I was removed I am again asking what I am supposed to have done wrong.  Please include names, dates, time and places if you would.

     In 2006 you gave me a VFW life membership to come north every year and announce your parade which I have done with no complaints.

     That is except for one incident last year when a female didn’t like it that I mentioned that no American Flags were flying at the three schools in Phoenix.  That was a situation that the Hallstead Brothers told me about and has now been rectified.  All three schools this year were flying the flags on Memorial Day.

     This year would have been my 15th year live and after six years of radio and TV my 21st overall so then why did you ban me?

     You can never complain about my announcing for one reason and that is most of the time I never had a line up sheet.  Just had to wing it.

     Hopefully you will get the train back on its tracks so that next Memorial Day yours truly will be behind the microphone.  That and the autographed MLB items to auction off and benefit the local children in need during the holiday season.

Eddie Michels/Life Member

PS-Just to let you know that two things didn’t happen during the weekend of personnel interest to me.   First is that I wasn’t able to put flowers on my parent’s grave.  Second and probable most important and that was my daughter was in Phoenix for the weekend I found out on the 26th.  If that wasn’t bad enough that I hadn’t seen her in six years two of her three daughters were with her.  They were the two grand daughters I have never seen.  Thanks!


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