You Ott to be Listening Volume 3

By on March 10, 2016

Damn that week went fast… Well I’m back with another playlist for all of you to enjoy, the music you find on here typically will not be found on the radio (does anybody listen to the radio anymore?) I try to mix it up, I try to present something for everybody and I try to find artists that are working their asses off so the least you can do is help promote them by reposting this link, reposting links to their sites and by buying their merchandise.

I spend hours upon hours, early in the morning and late at night discovering these bands, some you may have heard of but never listened to, others you may have listened to but never heard of. Keep in mind I take requests and suggestions too, I’m doing this for the readers, those that love music as I do, those that can’t stand the cookie cutter vomit the mainstream music industry spits out. But to be honest… it’s nothing new, last night I was playing Dead Milkmen, D.R.I. and Operation Ivy all albums from 1988 yet the Billboards Charts have no mention of them, no they have Tiffany, Debbie Gibson and George Michael. So you see, this is the norm and lucky for us there are people out there introducing us all to new and amazing music. Here is a list of 10 songs you Ott to be listening to.

  • Hacktivist- “False Idols”


  • Beautiful Bodies- “Capture and Release”

@BeautifulBodies         @Epitaphrecords

  • The Electric West- “Portland”


  • Haelos “Separate Lives”


  • The Pocket Rockets- “Somewhere We Can Be Alone”


  • Tiger Army – “Prisoner of the Night”

@TigerArmy           @RiseRecords

  • The Decline – “Radio Revolution”


  • Rude Pride -“Wrong Way”


  • Agnostic Front – “Never Walk Alone”

@AgnosticFront  @nuclearblastusa

  • The Old Firm Casuals – “Perry Boys”

@OldFirmCasuals  @oitheboat



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