You Ott to be Listening Volume 8: The Noi!se Special Edition

By on May 31, 2016

Normally I would be presenting you with 10 songs from all genres, today is a little different. Today I give Noi!se, a Street Punk band from Tacoma, Washington. I’ll still give you 10 great songs (maybe if you are really good I’ll give you few special bonus tracks too). Screw it… Be as bad as you want, I’ll still give you the bonus tracks.

The very first time I heard these guys I was hooked… and no matter how many times I play their songs I just can’t get enough. Noi!se is exactly what you need, no matter the musical itch you have they will be there to scratch it. You want articulate lyrics… CHECK! You want a distinct vocal range using two talented vocalist… CHECK! You want gritty and hard guitar riffs…CHECK! You want head nodding drums… CHECK! You want that Bass Line to shake you to the core… CHECK!! Look, they really have it all and I’ll prove my point over and over while you listen to nothing but Noi!se.

But first let me introduce you to the band:

Matt Henson: Vocals/Bass

Nate Leinfelder: Lead Guitar/Vocals

Jesse O’Donnell: Rhythm Guitar

Kenny Dirkes: Drums

OK so on with the songs:

  1. “How We Made It Through”

  1. “Brothers in Arms”

  1. “We See Through You”

  1. “Idle Action”

  1. “Pawn in the Game”

  1. “Two Faced”

  1. “Living For Today”

  1. “What Happened to the Kids”

  1. “Rank and File”

  1. “How the Deck is Stacked”

BONUS TRACKS from a side project Matt and Kenny are working on by the name of STADIUM WAY

  1. “Shadows”

  1. “Ever Afraid”

  1. “Misplaced Rage”

  1. “Lessons Learned”

Now you have plenty of proof as to why I’m hooked on these guys. What I need you to do now is to go to their Facebook page and “Like” them and share their page and this link to this playlist. Let’s give Noi!se all the damn exposure we can.

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