Yzerman Great Move, Holmgren… What Were YOU Thinking?

By on July 24, 2010

It has only been a few days now. I needed to just sit back, hold my breath to make sure this really did happen.  Walker for Gagne?  Walker for Gagne?   Ok we’ll throw in a 4th round pick, still done! Like I mentioned in my July 15th RSE article, Will Things Turn Around this Year at 401 Channelside Drive?, yes this year is different.

The only negative I see so far, besides the “Z” thing, (many Lightning fans will closet root for the Islanders, that’s ok) is if this front office keeps making moves like this Lightning fans will not be hoping just for a #8 playoff spot, but how about a Southeastern Division title.  That’s right, that’s right we are coming after you Alexander; you and your 3rd place scoring title (Good job Stammer!).  I believe now, Lightning fans may have the “fan given” right to crank the expectations up, oh heck Stanley Cup!

And then there is the other side to this story, some things never change.  Philly fans are beside themselves once again, hey Philly fans if Rocky was real, he would have lost!

It seems like just yesterday; Ronde Barber’s interception to close the Vet, the Buccaneers advance to the Super Bowl to become champions, while McNabb chokes again.  And that humid day in Tampa on May 22, 2004, game seven, which sent the Flyers home to shave their playoff beards.  The Lightning, then after defeating Calgary, becomes Stanley Cup Champions.

It’s now over six years later Gagne for Walker, hey Holmgren, Is Daniel Briere on the block?  We might be looking to move Carter Ashton.  Come on Steve Y, its worth a phone call.

Well this hockey season we can bring it back, “Philly is still our B—–!”

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