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AUDIO: A Chat with Anucha Brown


The NCAA Women’s Final Four is back in Tampa and Rick Sassone got a chance to talk with NCAA VP Anucha Brown

Helping Through Hoops

(Travis Failey - RSEN photo)

  The First Annual Bryant/ Baxter Charity 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament was held on Saturday and it was a rousing success. Put together by New Era Thinking owners Jason Bryant and Charles Vaughn, and  Jimmy Baxter with All Heart TC, the tournament was held to benefit foster families in and intended to infuse […]

Ott to be a GM

(photo by PR Photo)

  The Lakers are in the depths of their worst start ever and things are not going to get any better any time soon. They are playing defense like they are all chugging gallons of promethazine before each game and they all stand around staring at Kobe as he pushing himself to the breaking point. […]

Lebron Returns To Cleveland As A Champion, Leader

(photo David Richard / USA TODAY Sports)

by MARK STEVES   It was certainly a busy summer for the Cleveland Cavaliers, as superstar Lebron James returned to his hometown team to try and help turn around the franchise in the next few years. The ripple effect of him signing as a free agent encouraged others such as Kevin Love, Shawn Marion, Mike […]

Byron Scott: Bleeds Purple and Gold

photo USA TODAY Sports / Joshua S. Kelly

  Byron Scott has returned to where it all started for him, he is back in the land of Purple and Gold, he has reached his dream job, he is here to right the wrong. Many have said that Byron is a terrible coach, a predictable coach and shouldn’t be given a chance. I’ve also […]

The Cowardly Lion Returns!

NBA: Finals-San Antonio Spurs at Miami Heat

  Four years ago when things got tough in Cleveland Lebron got going. The Cavs outlook was bleak and what did King James do? He ran down south for he was afraid to go through a rebuilding time. He so famously took his talents to South Beach and teamed up with his pals. Since then […]

WWJD: What Would Josh Do, for the Cavs


    The Cavs land the 1st pick in the draft yet again, it’s like Groundhog Day over and over again, they get the 1st pick and yet they continue to underperform. I look at it this way; Either Dan Gilbert is the luckiest S.O.B. on the planet, he sold his soul to the Devil […]

Playoffs!?!? It’s time!!! It’s NBA PLAYOFF TIME!!!

Playoffs!?!? It’s time!!! It’s NBA PLAYOFF TIME!!!

It’s time!!! It’s NBA PLAYOFF TIME!!!  Let me expose my thoughts and if you are a gambling man you may want to take note (Keep in mind if you win I get 10% and RSE gets 10%).  Who will win it all? Who will get Finals MVP? Who will lead their team to the Promised […]



The regular season is about over, the playoffs are about to start for some and offseason moves will come a bit sooner for others.  Which coaches will not be back next and who will fill the vacant slots they left open? Well here is what I would do:   UTAH JAZZ: Fire head coach Ty […]

WWJD: What Would Josh Do.

WWJD: What Would Josh Do.

WWJD: What Would Josh Do. Some Lakers fans are pissed that Phil Jackson is now running the Knicks, some are pissed that Jim Buss and the rest of the Buss clan let Phil walk away and take his talents to New York, I am not one of those fans. I’ll always appreciate what Phil has […]