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A Phoenix Memorial Day

 Well, it started on May 30, 1868 and stayed that way no matter what day of the week the 30th fell on until 1970 when things went a bit different.  Now regardless of the date it’s now the last Monday in May but this year the 30th is the last Monday in May, a time to […]

Memorial Day Rewind

BY EDDIE MICHELS The following is what I wrote in 2019 the second year I was blocked by VFW Post 5540 from announcing Phoenix’s Memorial Day Parade because I mentioned in 2017 that the villages three schools weren’t flying the American Flag.       Well I have what I wrote for you before and a lot […]

Eddie on the Ice

Well campers on Saturday April 16, 2022 after more than a year off the ice yours truly refereed a hockey game, this time at the Ellenton Arena in Ellenton, Florida. Yes after the screwup by a referee’s association, USA Hockey, a rink owner Dr. Manuel Rose and Safesport I was back on the ice. It […]

Minor League Baseball is No More

 I took this photo this morning at 9550 16th Street North in St. Petersburg but it now houses an amusement company, MiLB does not exist anymore.      Yes fans major league baseball now runs the minors, the minors which they have shrunk in size by players and teams with the fans as the only […]

The Big Switch: Omar Vizquel

THE OTHER SIDE OF SPORTS (TOO) Well with only one player, David Ortiz getting his 75% of the BBWAA ballots this year he along with six members via the veteran’s vote will make the trip to Cooperstown on July 24th. But there is one player whose outside influences caused him to drop appearing on only […]

Other Side of Sports (Too) 1-15-22

     The 22nd year of our 21st century is now upon us and in my personal opinion it doesn’t look good for baseball fans but more importantly those children in need this coming holiday season.      You see fans I run a children’s charity called the Dunedin Children’s Christmas Fund which I have done since […]

It’s no Minor Thing; Disappearing Leagues

     Well as this 21st year of the 21st century comes to an end it appears to me that the game of baseball and its fans have come to a less that advantageous position because of the almighty dollar.      Just look as another work stoppage in the sport of baseball is upon us 27 […]

Un-striked Out – The Other Side of Sports Too

Clearwater, Fla.–Believe it or not fans on August 11, 1994 when the rest of the major league players were set to go on strike on August 12th one player took the trip to the minors.     Yes fans one Domingo Cedeno of the Toronto Blue Jays ask to be sent to their Triple-A affiliate the […]

Eddie’s got a Huge Heart

So with all this let me just make a closing statement or two that will definitely embarrass all those who have treated me like a second class citizen.     First was the comment about me asking a player to reach down and hand me the puck during a game and for good reason I ask […]

The Other Side of Sports (Too) – Hole in One

Well this photo has a number of memories for this member of the human race as I did something on this hole that most golfers can only dream of.  Yes on February 2, 2000, Groundhogs Day, I got my first, last and only hole in one on the ninth hole at Countryside Executive Golf Course […]