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Parent Parking Problems

After closing the citizen owned Louis A. Vanech Recreational Complex to the public on February 11th this year it’s now blocked off totally for construction purposes.  The parking problem this has created for the parents and students at the Garrison-Jones Elementary School has yet to be alleviated putting both students and their parents at risk […]

Long Term Parking

If this photo looks familiar to you readers it should as the vehicle in the photo hasn’t moved in about three years.  The picture was taken at the parking lot of the City of Dunedin owned Englebert Complex used by the Toronto Blue Jays.   This was taken on December 17, 2018 and the next one […]

Suncoast Brotherhood Riding for Tots

Unlike other parades during the holiday season this one by the Suncoast Brotherhood Motorcycle Club on December 16th has Santa leading the way.  The parade which benefits the “Toys for Tots” Christmas charity was held at American Legion Post 275 in Dunedin after a parade of over 3,000 bikes from the Walmart at US 19 […]

Why? A Letter from Eddie to Eric

To-VFW Post 5540 Commander Eric Mills and Members From-Eddie Michels Life Member VFW Post 5540 Subject-Why? Gentlemen:      I am asking you why you would vote at the May 2018 Post meeting to remove me as your announcer of this years Memorial Day Parade, why?      Since over the past three weeks not one person […]

Memorial Day not the same in Phoenix

Back on May 10, 2018 I received an e-mail from VFW Post 5540’s Commander Eric Mills stating that I wasn’t announcing this years Memorial Day Parade on May 28th. After over a week I found out from Mills that at the May meeting at Post 5540 it was voted on that I not announce the […]

Dunedin Citizens getting Checks from the Blue Jays?

 Well it’s understood that the Toronto Blue Jays want to take over the Louis A. Vanech Complex in Dunedin to expand their complex.      Now here is the big question since the complex was given to the city for the use by its citizens for recreational use who is going to pay the owners […]


Yours truly stumbled on this earlier in the week but this morning I figured a photo and article would be appropriate.      It seems that someone from somewhere has parked their fairly new RV behind field one at the Englebert Recreational Complex, spring training home of the Toronto Blue Jays and its minor league […]

Helping the Kids Post 275 Women

  DUNEDIN, FLA.–The staff of American Legion Post 275 in Dunedin gathered on Sunday December 17th at the post home for their group photo.  These ladies for a number of years have been giving of themselves helping numerous young children in need around the holiday season.  Front row (L-R) Amy Kressevich, Ilona Wells, Nicole Niles, […]

Thirty-seven Years, Suncoast Brotherhood leads Toy Run

The Suncoast Brotherhood Motorcycle Club conducted their 37th Annual Toy Run on Sunday the 17th in Dunedin, Florida.  The club secures donations of toys for those children in need in the area.  There was between 2-3 thousand bikes participating in the run.


         Well here we go again fans and remember like the last of my offerings each graph is assumed to start with, did you know.      This go around we will bring to light the expansion at the Englebert Complex and the changes the Toronto Blue Jays want.  Yes the changes that the […]