Minor League Baseball is No More

By on February 9, 2022

 I took this photo this morning at 9550 16th Street North in St. Petersburg but it now houses an amusement company, MiLB does not exist anymore.

     Yes fans major league baseball now runs the minors, the minors which they have shrunk in size by players and teams with the fans as the only ones who have suffered.  In fact if a fan goes to his home park for six days he only sees the same two teams for that time span, ick.     Well there was another group that have suffered and that is the 40-45 minor league baseball employees who got let go with a sever-age package by MLB.  Wonder how much that is especially for those with around 20-plus years.     Now in closing this person can only say with the possibility of no major league games this season the minors aren’t leaving much of an alternative.      Is replacement ball available?

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