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Eddie Michels is a regular contributor of Rocket Sports & Entertainment Network. Eddie began a radio career in Fulton NY where he covered the Syracuse Chiefs baseball team (Toronto Blue Jays - AAA). Eddie is a regular guest on the Rocket Sports & Entertainment Network. Eddie is an official scorekeeper and freelance MLB writer who covers the Toronto Blue Jays.

So Buffalo Blue Jays are now in Buffalo

DUNEDIN, Fla.–For the first time in almost three years class-A baseball is being played at TD Ballpark in Dunedin.  The lower Class-A Dunedin Blue Jays hosted the Bradenton Marauders (Pirates) in the new Lower Class-A Southeast League which used to be the Upper Class-A Florida State League.  After the 2018 FSL schedule the Dunedin Blue […]

Fans Shuffled off to Buffalo

Section 202 at TD Ballpark used to be filled with cardboard cutout fans when the Toronto Blue Jays were playing regular season games now there are gone.  Did they “Shuffle off to Buffalo.”  Eh?  On Tuesday June 1st the Dunedin Blue Jays return to TD Ballpark to play the Bradenton Marauders for their first real […]

Logan on Ice

This young man by the name of Logan from St. Petersburg, Florida is showing he has a future as a figure skater on Thursday at the Clearwater Ice Arena.  Without his instruction present Logan follows his instructions posted for him by his mother and follows them to the letter.  This young gentlemen has impressed this […]

The Dunedin Debacle Shuffles Off to Buffalo

Like the old song went “Shuffle Off To Buffalo” the Toronto Blue Jays will now resume their home on the road schedule on June 1st vs the Marlins in Buffalo.  During their extended spring stay at TD Ballpark in Dunedin the Blue Jays posted a 10-11 record and got a game best attendance of 1641 […]

Sights from the Dunedin Debacle

At 5:30 PM on Saturday May 15th before the Phillies at Blue Jays game only 25 fans were waiting to enter TD Ballpark.  On Friday prior to the same two teams game at TD Ballpark the same number of fans were waiting to enter the stadium when the gates opened and the lowest number of […]

It’s in the Bag

Jake Hudgeons of Bradenton, Florida got to TD Ballpark early on Sunday for the Phillies, Blue Jays game to catch a bit of batting practice but was blocked by Blue Jays security from entering.  Carrying this pictured small bag/back  pack he was blocked from entering the stadium.  “There was no place on line that said […]

Oh Hockey in Florida

On Saturday morning this hockey referee is waiting for his game to start and appears to be a bit chilly so he has put his hands in his pockets.  Even with the temperature raising above 75-degrees outside of the Tampa Bay Skating Academy in Oldsmar, Florida and about 65 degrees inside this same official had […]

The TD Ballpark ZZZZZZ Gate

This Toronto Blue Jays security guard at the visiting team gate at TD Ballpark is getting his 40 winks in at 10:30 AM before the game tonight vs the Braves at 7:07 PM.  In the past the guards at this gate on Beltrees and the Blue Jays gate on Douglas Ave. have been seen playing […]

Tickets! Tickets!

A ticket buyer, by the drivers door, from Pennsylvania and a ticket scalper, crossing by the rear bumper have to run and get into the buyers pickup to avoid a player bus which turned onto Beltrees Ave. in Dunedin.  The bus had to stop because of the ticket buyer parking on Beltrees and blocking traffic […]

Few Fans Waiting to Enter TD Ballpark When the Gates Opened for the Yankees-Blue Jays Game 4-13-21