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Eddie Michels is a regular contributor of Rocket Sports & Entertainment Network. Eddie began a radio career in Fulton NY where he covered the Syracuse Chiefs baseball team (Toronto Blue Jays - AAA). Eddie is a regular guest on the Rocket Sports & Entertainment Network. Eddie is an official scorekeeper and freelance MLB writer who covers the Toronto Blue Jays.

Dress Code?

CLEARWATER, FLA.–The photo shows a USA Softball formally ASA umpire doing a game on Thursday night at the Eddie C. Moore Complex in Clearwater, unfortunately the game’s plate umpire is dressed wrong.  You see his pants should be gray and his shoes/cleats also black, but it didn’t happen here, they are brown.  Then the umpire […]

Construction Moving on Jays Dorms

DUNEDIN, FLA. –Construction continues at the Toronto Blue Jays new players dormitory on Causeway Blvd. in Dunedin.  It appears that extra footings and larger foundations are being constructed because of the weak soil on the site and its closeness to the Gulf of Mexico.  The site was previously occupied by a car wash.

City of Dunedin, Purple Heart(less)

DUNEDIN, FLA.–While getting Dunedin, Fl. Purple Heart Park ready on Purple Heart Day they disrespected those veterans honored on the site by parking their city vehicle on the commemorative blocks honoring veterans in front of the Purple Heart Monument.  They finally moved the vehicle after being informed of their mistake by a veteran.  Dunedin has […]

Storage Development?

Storage Development?

DUNEDIN, FLA.–The Toronto Blue Jays have found a new place to park the Jet Ski’s at their player development complex in Dunedin, in their car storage area outside field one at the complex.  The complex owned by the City of Dunedin, Florida and under a 25-year lease to the Toronto Blue Jays appears to being […]

Free Parking and More!!!

DUNEDIN, FLA.–Even though the property is owned by the City of Dunedin, Florida it’s leased to the Toronto Blue Jays as their Player Development Complex, but the Jays appear to use it for other purposes.  A few months ago, a jet ski on a trailer and an unlicensed trailer were parked on the leased property […]

Low Water Jays

Low Water Jays

DUNEDIN, FLA.–The pond water level at the Toronto Blue Jays Player Development Complex entrance appears to below the level of water in the Federally Protected Wetland it is adjacent to.  The pond which was created to make soil available for Field 2 at the complex that was not on the original complex construction plans and […]

Color(ful) Guard

Color(ful) Guard

Checkout the guard to Dunedin’s Spanish Manor entrance at the end Garrison Rd.  The Peacocks are sure doing their jobs eh?

Peacock Crossing

DUNEDIN, FLA–Although it is a county highway, Garrison Road does cut through the northern part of Dunedin and has interesting foot (?) traffic.  These three adults and one younger peacock were seen Friday morning on the north end of the road congregating in the roads middle.  Not wanting to bother them this driver cruised around […]

Licensed now?

DUNEDIN, FLA. –Well fans the jet ski is still in place on a licensed trailer with another licensed trailer next to it behind the batter’s eye at field 6 on the Toronto Blue Jays Player Development Complex off Garrison Rd. in Dunedin.  That’s photo one now looks at photo two and the unlicensed trailer parked […]

Little League Baseball in a Positive Way

OSWEGO, N.Y.–This past Memorial Day Weekend I happened to be in Oswego, N.Y. doing a favor for some little league parents I met taking photos of their sons playing in the U 10 Stars and Strikes Tournament.  Now photo one is of a player hitting a double with two RBI’s and the second is of […]