Dress Code?

By on September 13, 2023

CLEARWATER, FLA.–The photo shows a USA Softball formally ASA umpire doing a game on Thursday night at the Eddie C. Moore Complex in Clearwater, unfortunately the game’s plate umpire is dressed wrong.  You see his pants should be gray and his shoes/cleats also black, but it didn’t happen here, they are brown.  Then the umpire tried to end the game a half inning early but the home team only had an 11-run lead not 12 that was needed to win.  Well, the home team came to bat in the fifth and a runner was credited with one away for scoring from second on a single to the outfield.  Opps fans there is a mistake here as neither umpire saw the runner step over third, not touching the base and credited the scoring of a run that ended the game with a 12-run lead for the host squad.  Unfortunately, an appeal was not made, it should have been but I don’t think either umpire would know what the correct call was.  Gee the umpires don’t dress as they should and don’t call the games correctly so what is the City of Clearwater and the games players paying for eh?

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