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By on July 13, 2023

DUNEDIN, FLA.–Even though the property is owned by the City of Dunedin, Florida it’s leased to the Toronto Blue Jays as their Player Development Complex, but the Jays appear to use it for other purposes.  A few months ago, a jet ski on a trailer and an unlicensed trailer were parked on the leased property now it appears to be a car storage area.  This same area in the past has been used by the team and its players to store their vehicles during ball season which it appears to be happening again.  Gee I wonder what the rate is for storage on this site and who gets the money eh?


Phillies Dorms

CLEARWATER, Florida–Looking north at Bay Care Ballpark, spring training home of the Philadelphia Phillies one sees a large parking lot that is filled with fans cars during each spring game.  Now it appears the lot will be the center of an expanded Phillies spring training complex to include housing and dining areas for its minor league players.  On the north side of the stadium is the team’s four practice fields which holds all the team’s major and minor league workouts except when the Joe DiMaggio Complex to the west is used for overflow workouts during spring training.  By converting the business adjacent the lot to housing/dormitories it will take business away from local hotel/motel chains in the area much like the Toronto Blue Jays are doing by constructing a dormitory northwest of its present development camp. 


Alek Manoah Rehab


To All:

I spent over 20-years scoring games in the Gulf Coast League which is now the FCL and learned a lot from those in the league and those rehabbing.  Most important is those new players new to the majors, players would be close to the plate/strike zone, so they were ready to swing at everything, Manoah is an example.  Those from the majors knew this and just went out and chucked then ducked.  No one expected anything else as it was part of the game down here so Manoah’s performance here was of no surprise and it has happened more than once, gee like about every time.  EDDIE MICHELS

PS-Remember the pitchers in the FCL/GCL aren’t really near the plate and the umps are also rookies eh.

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