Jays are Festive about Parking

By on November 12, 2022

On November 12, 2022, the Garrison-Jones Elementary School in Dunedin, Florida held its annual festival, but parking was at a premium.  You see 3-4 years ago the City of Dunedin, Fl. gave to the Toronto Blue Jays the land adjacent to the school that was given to the city by the Louis A. Vanech Foundation for use by the city’s residence.  Well even for a day the residences are being able to use the land for parking for the school’s event.  This appears to be the first time the Blue Jays have let outsiders into their Player Development Complex even though these people will not be allowed anywhere near the fields or player faculties.  The area they are getting to use was once a city park for kids and was also used for parking by parents at the school to pick up and drop off their children before and after school.  As a note the land the City of Dunedin gave to the Toronto Blue Jays also contained the last three softball fields in the city, two dog parks in the woods along with handball and racket ball courts.

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