Parent Parking Problems

By on March 25, 2019

After closing the citizen owned Louis A. Vanech Recreational Complex to the public on February 11th this year it’s now blocked off totally for construction purposes.  The parking problem this has created for the parents and students at the Garrison-Jones Elementary School has yet to be alleviated putting both students and their parents at risk according to all concerned.  Also it appears that the casual break area for school employees in the northwest corner of the complex has also been removed along with the protected wetlands now being totally blocked from pubic view.

The final stages of a wall to keep members of the community out of the Vanech Complex in Dunedin are about finalized.  The complex given to the residents for their use years ago by the Louis A. Vanech Foundation has been given to the Toronto Blue Jays by the mayor and city commissioners.  It has been said that the construction will be completed by the start of next years spring training.  At present there appears to be no relief for the parking problems caused by the construction or loss of parking at the adjacent Garrison Jones Elementary School.  Also as you notice by the photo the long standing entrance sign to the complex has been demolished. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)
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