Englebert Complex in Question

By on January 5, 2017


The headquarters building at the Cecil B. Englebert Complex on Solon Ave. in Dunedin future use appears to be in question when the Toronto Blue Jays get their planned expansion of the faculty.  Called the Englebert Complex by the City of Dunedin but Mattick Training Center by the Blue Jays since 2003 has the space needed for the team at present and even room for expansion by just adding a second floor.  There are rumors around the city are that this will be the new city hall when the Blue Jays eliminate the present field three at the complex for new offices, clubhouse and training center.  At present when local tax payers are ask about the complex they have said that they had no idea about it or that their tax dollars were paying for it.  The Blue Jays contract with the city expires on December 31, 2017 but the team does have two five year lease extensions.

Employees of the Garrison-Jones Elementary school in Dunedin are having to use parking space at the Vanech Complex.  With little or no parking for all the staff/teachers at the school employees are using what used to be a roller hockey rink which will soon be taken over by the Toronto Blue Jays during their expansion of the Englebert Complex.  At present when there is a school function involving parents the other parking at the Vanech Complex is filled. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

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