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Toronto Blue Jays proposed complex in Dunedin

     Well here we go again fans and remember like the last of my offerings each graph is assumed to start with, did you know.

     This go around we will bring to light the expansion at the Englebert Complex and the changes the Toronto Blue Jays want.  Yes the changes that the tax payers of Dunedin will be forced to suffer with.

     Please note the photo attached of the proposed changes.

     First off the Blue Jays have five and a half fields at the Englebert Complex which out of six to eight weeks during spring training a couple a day are unused.

     Gee the Phillies have four as do the Yankees and Pirates.  The Tigers have five so who needs six.

     The office building at the Englebert Complex is only one story so if a second floor is put on and put the offices put up on the second floor why would the present field three need to be made into an office building.

     The expansion would eliminate the last three full size softball fields in the city.  That is along with the two of the city’s three dog parks.

     Now if this isn’t bad enough the two baseball fields would mean baseballs flying into the playground at the Garrison-Jones Elementary school   That along with a present playground for little kids just outside the left center field fence of field six in the photo.

      But just take a look in person if you would, as children at present walk to school outside where the softballs are now.  That means the kids would have to dodge baseballs with the proposed new complex.

     Now last but not least who is going to pay for the land on the present Louis A. Vanech Complex.  You see the land was given to the city for use by the citizens of Dunedin not the ball club.

     But this isn’t all as back in January of 2016 the Dunedin Senior Little League was booted out of the Englebert Complex, field four I was told.  Well fields three and four were part of the Vanech Complex so where is the money for the land, did the city sell out the tax players.  What happened?

     There is more and more going on than has been told to the taxpayers a lot of questions need to be ask.

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