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It appears that another year has come and gone according to my calendar so it’s time again for my year end offering.

This past year of 2014 had a few interesting items of interest for you the fan some I witnessed personally some I just read about or heard of so here goes.  My comments as always are free of charge.


Ruben on the move (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)


One item to check out at is the article-sing a long titled “A Lump of Coal for Ruben Amaro.”  Check it out if you are a fan of the Philadelphia sports scene as it might actually brighten your bleak outlook on a dismal situation.

Joe Maddon gets run from a game.  (Kim Klement / USA TODAY Sports)

Joe Maddon gets run from a game. (Kim Klement / USA TODAY Sports)

Kevin Cash now gets his chance at the helm of the Rays and he has a bit of a hard act to follow in Joe Maddon.

Now Maddon did have a bit of talent on his Rays squads that with a little luck got them into the post season.  But there is none of the bucks needed to keep the players in house to reach the post season in the AL East.  Cash will probably have to suffer a bit before reaching the post season anytime soon and hopefully the owners will realize this.

A personal note on this as far as Kevin is involved and that is yours truly has umpired a couple of ball games that he had played in.  This was back when he was in the minor leagues with the Blue Jays and I had no problem with him as he was a gentleman.

Now a bit of an open message to the NFL Commish, take Mr. Suh of the Detroit Lions and send him packing.  Last weekend’s incident with him stepping not once but twice on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers leg is a bit much and all he got was a slap on the wrist.  Enough said on this for now but this is an accident waiting to continue to happen.

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On the other side of the coin in 2014 a class act retired and of course I am speaking of the Yankees  Derek Jeter.

Having covered him during his entire career he was always the consummate gentlemen and when  on the rare occasion that I botched a question he answered it as if I had ask it correctly.

Yes fans I have botched a question or two over my past 24 years covering the game.  Amazing isn’t it.

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(Eddie Michels/Photo)

Now to a mistake I think the Toronto Blue Jays made during a trade at this year’s winter meetings.  I may be wrong but I think letting Kendall Graveman go was a mistake.

This college grad went from Lower-A to the majors in 2014 and was starting to develop an attitude while at Dunedin.  The attitude was one I have seen in winners at the major league level so we will just have to wait and see on this one.

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Well fans in closing out this year one question has yet to be answered by certain City of Dunedin, Florida elected officials and employees, “Where’s Eddie.”  So until then…

PS-As you regular readers have noticed over the years that “The Other Side Of Sports” always gives you what you get nowhere else and it will continue that way.

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