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By on April 25, 2023

     Well fans here is the start of a number of upcoming articles about others mistreating me personally especially since my wife Karen passed away last June 1st, the worst day of my life.  So here fans are what I have had to put up with numerous times and I did no wrong, I just played by the rules.  Heck I even tried to help others play by the rules in a polite way, but they appear to be on a different wavelength.

Photo taken 5-15-1969 in Long Bien Vietnam of me. Ten days later May 25th 1969 I was discharged in Oakland, Ca. and arrived home in Phoenix, N.Y. May 27, 1969. after eight months in Korea and 19 months in Vietnam. (EDDIE MICHELS FILE PHOTO)

     Is it really worth it when one obeys the laws of the land while others don’t, and you feel obligated to help those in error to return to the right way in one’s life.  Well fans for me it appears. I might be wrong in helping others correct the errors of their ways so now it looks like I will have to go public for help to correct the wrong ways of others so that they return to life’s straight and narrow ways, and it may take a few if not more explanations.

     Well fans back on December 15th last year I had had about as much as I could take of the male auxiliary members of VFW Post 10094 loading the post’s pull tab machine in violation of the State of Florida’s Charitable Gaming Laws.  These two whose picture appears in this article were cutting off the serial numbers of the tickets then putting them in feed rows with upwards of three different games per row.  Yes, they had the same face on the cards but different serial numbers, a violation of the laws, only one game per row.  Well on the 15th I properly complained to the two in the photo and the one on the right started yelling at me in front of a large group of women, so I just said a few quieter words and walked away.  This walk away was after he tried to shove a box of pull tabs into my face.

VFW Post 10094 Auxiliary Members that filled the pull tab machine at VFW Post EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO

     As a note here these two had been told numerous times before about their violation of the state’s laws but they wouldn’t listen.

     We a few minutes later while I was sitting at the bar at Post 10094 this one male auxiliary member came up to me, put his arm around me and put his lips/face right next to the right side of my face.  Well, I turned my head right, saw how close he was and pushed him away, I was just defending myself.  Well, this person then had me banned from the post.

Note; I gave a copy of the Florida Charitable Gaming Laws to the woman and man who identified themselves as the Commander and 1st Vice Commander in January.

     Well, I missed the first house committee meeting but while at the post that same day in January I was banned for 30-days by the house committee chairman.  I served the 30 days but was blocked from returning by the house committee.  In fact, I have requested a witness list, dates, times and places of all events but have been denied access even the right to defend myself.  Like this past Saturday 4-22-23 I was physically and verbally threatened each time at the post by house committee member and others.  This past Saturday a long gray haired and gray bearded person who identified himself as the commander of Post 10094 threatened me physically and verbally.  Checkout photo two.


     You know when one defends his country to keep our basic rights in place one expects that they are guaranteed those rights but in VFW Post 10094 you aren’t.  I guess the eight months I spent in Korea in 1967 and the 19 months I spent in Vietnam in 1967 thru 1969 mean nothing I am just a second-class citizen according to those at Post 10094.

     As a note back on April 21st at a neighboring veterans post I was informed by a couple that they had the same problem at Post 10094, she said she got three different games over a span of $20.00.  The post is still in violation, eh?

     According to the house committee I am block from getting evidence to defend myself or a list of witnesses to defend myself.  NOT THE AMERICAN WAY, EH?

PS-I am even blocked from bring charges against those who have attacked me.

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