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       Well campers probably the worst year of my life personally is drawing to a close, good riddance, bye bye… and thank god.

     I mean the Cards did win the series and the NBA almost didn’t play at all and the rest of my life pretty much sucked.

      Let us see a stroke, loss of the ability to broadcast the purple heart game, the death of my mother and the usual “BS” from those in need.  Yes those in need  at Christmas saying, that’s not what I want, I want more or just plain looking short on their luck just to try and  get something they don’t deserve.  Same crap different day so let us move off my personal like and back to the world of sports.

     Well MLB is scheduled to have a few more years of labor peace with its players but still it won’t help the fans.  Just look at the minimum 400K plus salaries along with a cut of the licensing rights fees along with a buck or two extra here and there that come out of the poor fans pocket.  How can anyone with a decent job even afford to attend just a few games during the season forgetting about the post-season.  The costs to attend are out of sight just because the players are making way, way too much for a month and a half spring training and six month regular season.

     Someone somewhere is going to have to corral these costs and salaries in ASAP as our national pasting will eventually price themselves out of the market.  It just boggles the mind but a solution is fans just to quit going to games or buying the licensed items then see what happens.

      Now to the NBA and the same above also rings true but one thing did get me a bit.  When I ask people about the work stoppage no one I talked to cared much less noticed they weren’t playing.  That says a lot.

     On a positive side in 2011 the Super Champ Packers are having a stock sale to raise a buck or two at $200 a share.  It’s always a good stocking stuffer etc.  ladies for that man in your life.

      A hint to my wife Karen on the Packer stock but guess what fans, it will probably never happen.

     So as we close out 2011 fans hopefully yours was better than mine but maybe my 2012 with at least improve a slight bit.

     So until then…

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