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Okay campers it’s another day another dollar on my part chasing around the no comment/no talkie boys from Philly, the likes of Howard, Nix and Utley.

Yea, you-all know who I mean as they don’t speak to the press and only occasionally sign for their adoring fans.  To heck with the liberal press but the fans, hey they pay your salary guys but not to worry fans it’s starting to come out what is going on.

You see the major league powers to be want to control all aspects of the game including the free press that is supposed to be giving you the fan an unbridled reporting of the sport.

So just for now fans what they (MLB) do in limiting access to not only you the fan but the press.

Now moving to a bit of inside info for you concerning an article by Hall of Fame writer Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun.

On Sunday June 17, 2012 Bob wrote about a pre and post production company “Standard17” which was looking for backing for a production called “El Diablo-The Life Story of Tim Johnson.”

For those now interested in this venture and just want to throw you hard earned monies away why not just give it to something you can get a bit of return on.

That’s right the “Dunedin Children’s Christmas Fund” is a better investment.  You see the smiles on the kids’ faces Christmas Day are priceless and whatever you donate is 100% tax deductible.  So fans it’s definitely a better investment and here is a couple of more reasons.

The reasons are Tim Johnson himself, multiple times, as he did serve as a Marine reservist during the Vietnam War but never served in country.

NOTE: The following is from a one-on-one I had for AP New York during February 1999 with Johnson prior to him being fired the night of March 16-17 1999.  The article never ran as I figured he was already living in his own personal hell.

First off was the guilt trip Johnson put himself on.  You see after his Marine basic training then his advanced/specialty training Johnson went home to continue his chosen vocation being a pro ball player.  It was something he told me he felt guilty about as those he took basic with ended up in Vietnam when went home.

Now as to where the stories came from that he told the Blue Jays players trying to get them to win in the latter part of the 1998 season he used his Marine training.  You see fans Johnson was a weekend warrior to training regulars during his summer camp and since he didn’t go to Vietnam those NCO’s who did gave him stories to tell to make him look creditable to the recruits/trainees.

Yea a trainee/recruit will listen more if they think someone had been there and done that.  Well Johnson hadn’t it was all just BS.

Now there is more to this story but here is how I personally caught him prior to the originally AP article.

At the end of the 1998 season Roger Clemens had given Johnson a Harley which had been shipped by Johnson to Dunedin for him to ride during spring training.

Well the “Hog” had been either made in Canada or made in Milwaukee for sale north of the border which meant the speedometer/odometer was a bit different.  It was in kilometers so one day as he mounted the ride I ask him how many clicks he had on it.  Johnson had no idea what I was talking about but all you that spent time in “Nam” know what I am talking about so that is enough said for now.

He/Johnson didn’t serve; he was just a want-a-be so personally I would just let this film project die a slow painful death.  So until then…

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