Jays Dunedin Dry Dock

By on October 26, 2022


DUNEDIN, FLA.–Well with the minor league baseball season over and major league spring training schedule not starting until February 26, 2023 why not use the players parking lot for something.  This boat has been in the lot for a while and has a Florida plate on the trailer MRQ G84.  It has been assumed that the boat and trailer belong to someone involved with the Toronto Blue Jays.  At their player development complex off Garrison Rd. in Dunedin a black pickup truck has been seen parked in one area near the street for the past six to seven months.  It also must belong to a player or employee as that plate is from Ontario 11291.  I wonder if a storage fee is being paid at either location as the land is owned by the City of Dunedin and leased to the Toronto Blue Jays.

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