Dunedin Citizens getting Checks from the Blue Jays?

By on April 5, 2018

 Well it’s understood that the Toronto Blue Jays want to take over the Louis A. Vanech Complex in Dunedin to expand their complex.

     Now here is the big question since the complex was given to the city for the use by its citizens for recreational use who is going to pay the owners and how much?

     You see fans it appears the citizens of Dunedin, Florida own the site so if the 35K-plus citizens want to sell it to the Blue Jays then they should get at least a thousand dollars a piece.  That means the cost of the land would be $35-million.

     Still can’t see why the Blue Jays need six field when every one else gets by with four or five.

     A PS to the above and that is if a second floor is put on the main building at the Englebert Complex that would mean a new building wouldn’t be needed eh?

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