Jays New Nest

By on February 21, 2019

This photo of the Toronto Blue Jays new spring training stadium was shown to Dunedin residents on Wednesday night February 20th at the Hale Center across the street from Dunedin Stadium.   The park will increase in capacity from 5,509 to over 8,000 according to city officials even though parking at the stadium will decrease.  Parking at adjoining sites will remain the same as in recent years except for the new parking garage on the north side of downtown Dunedin over a half a mile away.  All streets adjacent to the stadium are no parking except by permit.  Those streets are also narrow making response by fire and emergency vehicles dangerous, difficult and slowed.  The highest number of fans ever at a Blue Jays spring training game was prior to the stadium reconstruction prior to 2003 when the capacity was just over 6,000.  (Photo by Eddie Michels)

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