An Osprey’s Nest: Changes in Dunedin

By on January 5, 2019

The complex, given to the residents of Dunedin, Fl. by the Louis A. Vanech Foundation will soon be no more.  The area with two parking lots, a children’s playground, two dog parks and three slow-pitch softball fields was given to the Toronto Blue Jays by the city’s mayor and commissioners.  The Blue Jays will be expanding their present complex that already has five full baseball fields, a half field and a large office and training building along with batting cages.

This structure is from the last contract between the Toronto Blue Jays and the City of Dunedin Fl. in 2002. The lower levels are a clubhouse, training rooms, storage and a cafeteria. On the second floor are offices and a large storage area that I am told is empty. Maybe the City of Dunedin can use the vacant space for their offices. Just a thought eh? EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO
The workman it was learned were removing a disk that signals the presence of lightning. The disk also covers an Osprey nest. EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO
The same light tower that workmen earlier removed a disk from three hours earlier welcomes back its primary tenant an Osprey. Osprey’s are protected wildlife in Florida. EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO
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