No Flag Football or Softball in Dunedin!?

By on January 3, 2017

The sport of flag football might be going the way of slow pitch softball at the Vanech Complex in Dunedin.  With the possibility of construction starting next year that would eliminate the complex because of the Toronto Blue Jays expansion another field(s) would be needed for the sports.  At present there are no other known slow pitch softball or flag football fields in the city.


Over age 60 slow pitch softball players watch a fly ball to right on Monday January 2nd at the Vanech Complex in Dunedin.  Players were ask where they were going to play next year at this time where the fields at the complex were no longer there.  All were in wonder as to why the Toronto Blue Jays needed the space when they already had five full fields at the Englebert Complex adjacent to the Vanech Complex.



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