Blocked in Dunedin

By on March 7, 2018

At about 10 AM Tuesday March 6, 2018 this reporter shot this photo of one of the entrances blocked to the Vanech Complex in Dunedin.  The sign points to parking to the left.  The taped over part used to say stadium parking.  It’s assumed that the people are trying to enter the Englebert Recreational Complex by the back gate which was locked at this time.  By entering via this blocked off entrance handicapped people would be able to walk on level ground unlike the back entrance who involved walking up a grade.  In fact there is no handicapped parking available to people visiting the Englebert Complex only a couple of spaces for the two dog parks.  You see fans the real handicapped parking for the Englebert Complex is no available to the taxpayers.  That is because the Toronto Blue Jays have security guards at the Solon Ave. entrance blocking their use.  They at time are used by healthy ball players and front office personnel.  Just figured you-all might just be interested.


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