Sights from the Dunedin Debacle

By on May 19, 2021
(Photo by Eddie Michels)

At 5:30 PM on Saturday May 15th before the Phillies at Blue Jays game only 25 fans were waiting to enter TD Ballpark.  On Friday prior to the same two teams game at TD Ballpark the same number of fans were waiting to enter the stadium when the gates opened and the lowest number of fans this season 1,171 attended the game. Even with a 10-8 win over the Philadelphia Phillies Sunday afternoon May 16th the Toronto Blue Jays only drew 1,107 fans their smallest crowd of the year in Dunedin. The Phillies spring training facility is just about five miles from TD Ballpark and on Sunday the Dunedin Blue Jays were hosting the Bradenton Marauders there at Bay Care Ballpark. The Blue Jays never included attendance figures in the box scores during spring training in 2021. With the Red Sox coming to Dunedin for three games and the Rays for four games to end the southern stay for the Blue Jays local residents and expecting much bigger crowds.  The biggest crowd for a 2021 game was May 1st vs the Braves when 1634 fans attended TD Ballpark while the smallest was May 16th vs the Phillies when just 1107 fans attended.  That with the Phillies spring training camp just five miles away.  TD Ballpark’s capacity is listed at 8500 including standing room since it’s reconstruction in 2019 with its largest crowd of 65-hundred plus opening spring training day in 2020.  Some people have suggested that the games vs the Rays on May 21st thru 24th should be played at Tropicana Field as more fans will be able to attend the games.

These vehicles appear to be customers at the Home Plate Restaurant but are parked on the Hale Center property leased by the Toronto Blue Jays from the City of Dunedin. Handicapped parking at the Hale Center-no handicapped cars present(EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)
On the northeast side of the main entrance to TD Ballpark in Dunedin the Toronto Blue Jays have installed a new parking area but not for Blue Jays fans.  The new fenced off area is for Tampa Bays players families to use when the two AL East rivals play the last four games of the Blue Jays stay in Dunedin May 21st thru May 24th.  The reason given was because of the close proximity of the two teams and families driving to Dunedin from St. Petersburg to attend the games which are also expected to draw larger crows to TB Ballpark.  Unfortunately handicapped fans will still be blocked from parking on site or any other Blue Jays controlled parking area. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)
On Thursday morning May 13th this senior citizen was seen being forced to walk on slanted turf to get to the City of Dunedin Library.  This has been going on since the Toronto Blue Jays blocked the library entrance last February  25th.  It’s unknown at present if there have been any injuries to citizens going to the library or attending Blue Jays ball games at TD Ballpark after parking in the library lot. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)
Guard at TD Ballpark ZZZZZ Gate Working With Phone? (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)
Blue Jays security was on it’s toes Friday night checking a Phillies fans (gray shirt) small bag. The unnamed fan from Miami was carrying his accessory bag for his heart monitor he was wearing. After about five minutes the security guards let him pass. Security is very tight at Blue Jays game especially concerning the size of a fans bags. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)
This illegally park vehicle is in an empty players lot at TD Ballpark in Dunedin and in a handicapped parking spot. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)
This Toronto Blue Jays employee has a dream job shagging balls that go over the fence at TD Ballpark and land in the school yard at Curtis-Fundamental Elementary School next to TD Ballpark in Dunedin. This employee is shagging the balls before the Phillies vs Blue Jays game on Friday night. (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)
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