Jays Dirty Water

By on July 17, 2022

This polluted pond is next to the entrance of the Toronto Blue Jays player development complex and was created to extend the site of the complex’s field two beyond where it was originally intended to be.  That field now causes the Garrison-Jones Elementary’s playground to flood more offend and the foul balls from the field now threaten children playing on school property according to school officials.  The pond itself has caused the adjacent protected wetlands (right of photo) to dry out and possible cause damage to the Indian Artifacts at the site.  This is also the same protected wetlands that was damaged by the Toronto Blue Jays over three years ago when they dumped polluted soil into the area and were cited by the Southwest Florida Water Management state agency.  At present it has been learned that the SWFWM is investigating the pond site.  The area now occupied by the extended Blue Jays Player Development Complex was given to the City of Dunedin by the Lewis A. Vanech Foundation for use by the city residents as a recreation area.  An area now that residents of the city no longer have access to.

This is what the Toronto Blue Jays Player Development Complex was supposed to be. Checkout field two where it was supposed to be including the bike path and walkway for kids going to school. Then look where it is now. (TBT)
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