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Last year, former Jay Trevor Hoffman(left0 and Aaron Sanchez talk with Mark Langston (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

Last year, former Jeff Hoffman (left) and Aaron Sanchez talk with Mark Langford (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)


Director, Player Development                                                             Gil Kim

Director, Minor League Operations                                                      Charlie Wilson

Field Coordinator                                                                               Doug Davis

Senior Advisor                                                                                   Rich Miller
Advisor                                                                                              Eric Wedge

Coordinator of Instruction                                                                   Mike Mordecai

Hitting Coordinator                                                                             John Tamargo Jr. (upper level)
Kenny Graham (lower level)

Hitting Coach                                                                                     Steve Springer

Pitching Coordinator                                                                           Sal Fasano

Senior Pitching Advisor                                                                      Rick Langford

Rehab Pitching Coach                                                                        Darold Knowles

Outfield/Baserunning Coordinator                                                        Tim Raines

Infield Coach                                                                                      Danny Solano

Latin America Player Advisor                                                              Omar Malave

Equipment Manager                                                                           Billy Wardlow

Darold Knowles (background) (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)

Darold Knowles (background) (EDDIE MICHELS PHOTO)



Director, High Performance                                                                 Angus Mugford

Asst. Director HP & Sports Science                                                    Clive Brewer

Head of Strength & Conditioning                                                         Donovan Santas

Strength & Conditioning Coordinator                                                   Scott Weberg

Minor League Athletic Training Coordinator                                          Jose Ministral

Asst. Minor League Athletic Training Coordinator                                 Jon Woodworth

Physical Therapist                                                                              Nikki Huffman

Performance Nutrition Consultant                                                        Leslie Bonci

Sr. Mental Performance Coach                                                            Paddy Steinfort

Mental Performance Coach                                                                 Rafael Dubois

Supervisor, Employee Assistance Program                                         Ray Karesky

Director, Employee Assistance Program                                             Sam Lima

The Toronto Blue Jays Instructional League camp has a number of very qualified instructors to help with developing their prospects. From left to right at Fred McGriff, Tim "Rock" Raines and Carlos Delgado. (EDDIE MICHELS/PHOTO)

The Toronto Blue Jays Instructional League camp has a number of very qualified instructors to help with developing their prospects. From left to right at Fred McGriff, Tim “Rock” Raines and Carlos Delgado. (EDDIE MICHELS/PHOTO)


BUFFALO                                                                                          NEW HAMPSHIRE

Manager:                Gary Allenson                                                      Manager:                Bobby Meacham

Pitching:                 Bob Stanley                                                         Pitching:                 Vince Horsman

Hitting:                    Richie Hebner                                                       Hitting:                    Stubby Clapp

Trainer:                   Voon Chong                                                        Trainer:                   Robert Tarpey

S and C:                 Jason Dowse                                                       S and C:                 Brian Pike


DUNEDIN                                                                            LANSING

Manager:                Ken Huckaby                                                       Manager:                John Schneider

Pitching:                 Jim Czajkowski                                                    Pitching:                 Jeff Ware

Hitting:                    Corey Hart                                                           Hitting:                    Donnie Murphy

Trainer:                   Shawn McDermott                                                Trainer:                   Drew MacDonald

S and C:                 Jeremy Trach                                                       S and C:                 Ryan Maedel



VANCOUVER                                                                                     BLUEFIELD           

Manager:                John Tamargo Jr.                                                 Manager:                Dennis Holmberg

Pitching:                 Willie Collazo                                                       Pitching:                 Antonio Caceres

Hitting:                    Dave Pano                                                           Hitting:                    Aaron Mathews

Trainer:                   Daniel Leja                                                           Trainer:                   Julian Varela

S and C:                 Pat Szpak                                                            S and C:                 Pat Rosanio



GULF COAST                                                                                                                 

Manager:                Cesar Martin

Pitching:                 Juan Rincon

Hitting:                    Paul Elliott

Trainer:                   Jon Woodworth

Trainer Asst.:           Luke Greene

S and C:                 Kyle Edlhuber




Director, Latin America Operations                        Sandy Rosario

Field Coordinator:                                                Pablo Cruz

Manager:                                                             Jose Mateo

Pitching Coach:                                                    Rafael Lazo

Hitting Coach:                                                      Carlos Villalobos

Coach:                                                                 Julio Germosen

Trainer:                                                                Darwin Tavarez

Assistant Trainer:                                                  Ysidro Reyes

S&C Coach:                                                         Imbewer Alvarez

Assistant S&C Coach:                                          Miguel Martinez

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