Eddie on the Ice

By on April 20, 2022

Well campers on Saturday April 16, 2022 after more than a year off the ice yours truly refereed a hockey game, this time at the Ellenton Arena in Ellenton, Florida.

Yes after the screwup by a referee’s association, USA Hockey, a rink owner Dr. Manuel Rose and Safesport I was back on the ice.

It was a mite game (Under 9) well let me rephrase that it was a double mite games with two games being played cross ice at each end of the north rink at the Ellenton Arena.

Now all’s I had to do was watch each game from center ice and I never blew my whistle and made no calls. I think I was only there for insurance purposes.

But here is the big thing about these two games and it was no one, parents or coaches were yelling at the kids in any way, shape or form.

It was all positive for the kids and it continued after the games, everything was positive. I thought I had traveled back in time 50-years plus. Hopefully I can do more of these games but not in Ellenton that is too far away especially with the price of gas these days eh?

Again, a great positive game for the kids hopefully rink owners and USA Hockey will step up and keep these games on the ice.

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