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Dio: Dreamers Never Die Released On Blu-Ray

FILM ON LIFE OF LEGENDARY HEAVY METAL SINGERRONNIE JAMES DIO WILL AVAILABLE ON SEPTEMBER 29 PRE-ORDERS LAUNCH TODAY “DIO: Dreamers Never Die,” the first-ever, career-spanning documentary on the life and times of the late legendary metal icon Ronnie James Dio, will be released worldwide by Mercury Studios on DVD and Blu-Ray+4K and as a special […]

It’s a Blue on Black kind of night With Five Finger Death Punch, Brantley Gilbert and Cory Marks

Amalie Arena, Tampa, FL 22NOV2022 Crossovers in music are nothing new. Aerosmith and Run DMC. Metallica and San Francisco Symphony. FFDP and Brantley Gilbert? That’s right, after their cover of Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s “Blue on Black” with Brian May of Queen and others joining in, they hit the road together. Joining them was Canadian country […]

Blue Ridge Rock Fest Rages On During Days 3 & 4

Day 3  On the morning of the third day, ominous clouds replaced the sunny skies of the previous days. While many festival goes welcomed the cooler temperatures, the clouds above left everyone feeling nervous about what was to come. The earlier hours brought disappointment for many fans as they discovered that SION and Lacuna Coil […]

Help End Human Trafficking

We all need to be aware of the depravity going on around us in our own communities.  Let’s help put a stop to this evil.   #Be Aware #Helpsavechildren #Endmoderndayslavery  

Rock Music’s Place In Superhero Cinema

  There’s a moment in Zack Snyder’s new superhero epic Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice when Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman have finally assembled to face off against the villain Doomsday. For a few seconds the camera simply shows them lined up for battle as some heavy guitar gets going in the background. It’s […]

TLC: The Anti Role Model

Remember when the acronym “T.L.C.” stood for something? More specifically, do you remember when it stood for “The Learning Channel?” I do. Apparently, its network executives don’t even remember that the channel actually served a purpose. Rather than refer to itself as The Learning Channel, the channel has stopped trying to deceive its viewers and […]



  Tampa, Fla.– New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano not worried at all as he is approaching the free agency market.   Yankees Managing General Partner Hal Steinbrenner and Senior Vice President, General Manager Brian Cashman are very positive and interested in inking a contract for Cano  before he hits the free agent market. […]

St. Pete Times Forum Upcoming Events 2011

St. Pete Times Forum Upcoming Events 2011

   Here is a list of upcoming events for the rest of the year at the St.  Pete Times Forum.  Of course there will be Lightning Hockey and RSEN will add the schedule when it is released. JUNE 2011     Storm vs. Predators Friday, June 17, 2011  8:00 PM       Keith Urban  […]

MEGAMIND – A Must See!

MEGAMIND – A Must See!

Megamind is a must see for everyone.  A great escape from the everyday grind, I could not stop laughing.  See how Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, David Cross and Brad Pitt bring their characters to life.  A clash of good vs. evil and then eviler and evil becomes good, this may be the best Dreamworks […]

Sports in Movies — Upcoming Releases-Hollywood Report

Question: What do John Cena, Robert De Niro, Mark Wahlberg and Jake Gyllenhall have in common? Answer: They are all in upcoming Sports movies. Sports have been a part of film for years, Bull Durham, Rudy, Brian’s Song, Slap Shot,  Rocky just to name a few. There have been great ones, bad ones and the […]