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Getting Russell Ready

Stadium construction continues at the corner of Seminole and Phillies Drive at Jack Russell Stadium in Clearwater on Monday.  The metal stands are part of the original stadium’s expansion in the 60’s and are now being recycled to make seating available for about 12-hundred fans in the near future.  At present the baseball squads of […]

Eddie’s Jack Russell Update

Progress on the rebirth of Jack Russell Stadium continues.  The seating is supposed to hold over 1000 fans to qualify to host a Florida State League game.

D-Jays to play at J-Russell

With the possible reconstruction of the Dunedin Blue Jays stadium during the 2018 Florida State League season the former Phillies spring training stadium is being reconstructed.  Torn down in 2007 Jack Russell Stadium which was built in 1955 is now being rebuilt using the aluminum bleachers saved from the original stadium.  The new seats are […]

Jays at the Jack?

The steel support beams from the former bleacher sections at Jack Russell Stadium in Clearwater have been moved into place behind home plate.  The former first and third base stands are now going to be put up behind home plate for seating.  The stadium is presently being used by Clearwater High School and the St. […]

Blaze Maris, Roger’s Grandson

He may not have the build of his late grandfather and is a catcher not an outfielder but Blaze Maris has the genes of Roger Maris.  Maris is shown here hitting a sharp single to center while playing for Florida South State College against St. Petersburg Junior College at Jack Russell Stadium in Clearwater which has […]

Felder on the Hill

Felder on the Hill

Eddie Michels captures some over 35 baseball at the “RUSSELL”