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Disturbed Sells Out the Rapids Theatre

Not many bands are able to pull of what Disturbed did last year. After being on a hiatus since 2011, Disturbed secretly got back together in the studio last year and recorded Immortalized. The album was announced on June 23rd along with a music video for their first single “The Vengeful One” on the same […]

Rockville Recovers on Day 2

On Day 2 of the 2015 Monster Energy Welcome To Rockville festival fans would be given a gift from Mother Nature. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky throughout the day and promoters, along with the city of Jacksonville, did a great job to get Metropolitan Park ready for the second day of festivities. They […]

A Manic Kind of Monster-Welcome to Rockville Day 1

  The 2015 Monster Energy Welcome To Rockville Festival was truly an unforgettable experience. You can probably say this about a lot of music festivals that you have attended due to the bands’ performances, but this year’s Rockville at Metropolitan Park was an extreme case of Ying and Yang. Highlights from the day include a […]

A Rockville Monster Awaits

  Metropolitan Park in Jacksonville will once again host Monster Energy’s Welcome To Rockville on April 25th and 26th. 43 bands will be gracing the stages over the two day event, with something for everyone who enjoys the hard rock/metal genre with a few anomalies mixed in. Welcome to Rockville alumni, Korn, will be headlining […]

Happy Birthday to Us! 3 Years Hollow, Islander, Gemini Syndrome, and Nonpoint at the State Theatre in St. Pete

3 Years Hollow, Islander, Gemini Syndrome, and Nonpoint performed at the State Theatre in St. Pete on November 12, 2014 and provided the bang for your buck that their fans expected. 3 Years Hollow took the dimly-lit stage at 8:30 and got the crowd primed for the show by playing a solid set of their […]

Blood, Sweat & Megadeth

Blood, Sweat & Megadeth

December 8th will live in infamy if you are a music fan. This is the day when both John Lennon and Dimebag Darrell Abbot were murdered in cold blood by their “fans.”  Lennon was shot by a man after earlier in the day providing him with an autograph, and Dimebag was shot in cold blood […]

Welcome to Rockville, Florida

Welcome to Rockville, Florida

Monster Energy and over 40 bands took over downtown Jacksonville this past weekend, April 27th and 28th.