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Rocking With The Monsters On The Mountain

With an invitation in hand to come and check out the 2022 Monsters on the Mountain music festival, my ‘Jedi behind the lens’ friend Brian (B Man) and I made travel arrangements and the day of could not get here soon enough. We would be flying into Knoxville, TN and then had a ride pre-arranged […]

Queensryche Renders The Verdict For The First Time At The Plaza Live

All Pictures By Jordan Raiff           When Queensryche and Fates Warning (two of the top three progressive metal bands of all time ) are on the bill, you don’t expect them to hit the stage at 9pm. You don’t expect fans to line up ¾ the way around the building. You don’t expect them to […]

Mr. SawBladehead and Queensryche’s Casey Grillo unveil the “Lotus”

Queensryche and Sawbladehead Designs With Casey Grillo, Todd La Torre, and Shawn Lowery “Presenting ‘Lotus’ before ‘Crazy World Tour’”              One of the biggest parts of any tour is the presentation on stage. Everything from the lights, to the microphone stands, the clothing worn on stage, and the props help set the stage for the […]

Don’t Call it a Comeback with Queensryche and Armored Saint

2016 has been a memorable year in music. There have been some positives, like the Guns and Roses reunion, Metallica’s long-awaited new release, but 2016 will also be known as the year that we lost some of the greats: David Bowie, Prince, and Glen Frey, just to name a few. One thing is for certain, […]

Rockville Recovers on Day 2

On Day 2 of the 2015 Monster Energy Welcome To Rockville festival fans would be given a gift from Mother Nature. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky throughout the day and promoters, along with the city of Jacksonville, did a great job to get Metropolitan Park ready for the second day of festivities. They […]

A Manic Kind of Monster-Welcome to Rockville Day 1

  The 2015 Monster Energy Welcome To Rockville Festival was truly an unforgettable experience. You can probably say this about a lot of music festivals that you have attended due to the bands’ performances, but this year’s Rockville at Metropolitan Park was an extreme case of Ying and Yang. Highlights from the day include a […]

A Rockville Monster Awaits

  Metropolitan Park in Jacksonville will once again host Monster Energy’s Welcome To Rockville on April 25th and 26th. 43 bands will be gracing the stages over the two day event, with something for everyone who enjoys the hard rock/metal genre with a few anomalies mixed in. Welcome to Rockville alumni, Korn, will be headlining […]

An “Operation” at the Capitol Theatre

An “Operation” at the Capitol Theatre

Geoff Tate’s Queensryche played the Capitol Theatre on a brisk winter night in Florida. Yes, brisk in Florida, but once you got inside the beautifully remodeled Capitol Theater in Clearwater, things heated up very quickly. Geoff Tate and a star studded veteran supporting group were touring in support of the 25th Anniversary of Queensryche’s epic […]

A Blast from the Past gives us a Look into the Future

A Blast from the Past gives us a Look into the Future

Orlando, Fla.– Queensrÿche took the stage at the House of Blues in Orlando on Friday night and the fans who were with the band from the beginning could not have been happier. The band opened their set with “Queen of the Ryche” from their debut EP Queensrÿche, and new vocalist, Todd La Torre. La Torre’s […]

The New Ryche Is Back

The New Ryche Is Back

Queensryche the multi-platinum selling band are in the early stages of “Return to History” Tour which is taking place this March and April. They’ve gone through, without completion, a contentious change with their original lead singer in Geoff Tate, which has lead to a highly publicized court battle over the naming rights of the band.  They recently […]