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Sports in Movies — Upcoming Releases-Hollywood Report

Question: What do John Cena, Robert De Niro, Mark Wahlberg and Jake Gyllenhall have in common? Answer: They are all in upcoming Sports movies. Sports have been a part of film for years, Bull Durham, Rudy, Brian’s Song, Slap Shot,  Rocky just to name a few. There have been great ones, bad ones and the […]

The 26 Best Sports Films

26. Blue Crush- Hot Girls + Bikinis = Great Film 25. CaddyShack– Sooo Damn Funny! But I hate the Gopher. 24. Driven-There was a hot girl in there and fast cars! 23. Gladiator – One hell of fight with fat old dude and Swedish looking youngster! 22. Point Break- Surfing is a sport, and so […]

5 Great Summertime Sports Movies

Sports and Entertainment have always had a great relationship, perhaps now more than ever. With LeBron James getting a television special to announce his new team decision and Chad Ochocinco appearing on Dancing with the Stars, it seems like a fine time to think about great sports movies. It’s a great way to beat the heat and it beats summer re-runs. Everyone has their favorite sports film, so here are just a few to consider when going to the video store.